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New Finish - Castrads | Unlacquered Brass | Windsor Radiator Valves & Whitworth Wallstays

Updated: Dec 11, 2023

Due to varying popularity with finishes, Castrads are soon to be discontinuing some of their accessories range. The finishes by Castrads that will be discontinued are polished brass and polished nickel. There are other brands which have these finishes.

Castrads have launched their new finish unlacquered brass with a number of their accessories. This is a finish that has been requested over time. Unlacquered brass is a living finish it is brass that has no lacquer on it. More below on the "living finish."

The Windsor TRV, Corner and Manual are now all available in unlacquered brass. Pipe shrouds and collars are also available.

The Whitworth Wallstay, with the emblem of the Manchester Worker bee is also available in this finish.

These finishes are available in our radiator packs, which are accessory sets for cast iron radiators that include valve, wallstay, pipe shrouds and collars.

Natural patinas and graduations on the finish occur so their appearance can be expected to change over time, which is why it is referred to as the ‘living finish’. Lacquer will help prevent surface oxidation, however, it will not stop the patina from occurring.

Some metal surfaces can have an altered appearance over time. Raw cast iron, unsealed copper, nickel, bronze, and brass are metals that patina or tarnish. A non-ferrous metal like copper has no iron content, giving it a higher resistance to rust and corrosion. A true living finish occurs on a non-lacquered unprotected surface, that changes over time.

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