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Decorators cap for TRV valves

Decorators cap for TRV valves


Designed to allow you to fully shut down your TRV body on the following ranges: Abbey, Byron, Highbury and Faringdon. This allows you to remove a radiator and not have to worry about the possibility of the thermostatic sensor opening the valve in cool conditions.

  • Height (mm) 80.0
    Width (mm) 32.0
    Depth (mm) 32.0
    Material Plastic and steel
    Finish Black
    Boxed Weight 0.057 kg
    Unboxed Weight 0.057 kg
    Warranty 6 year manufacturer's
    Function Shuts of your compatible thermostatic radiator valve by replacing the thermostatic head
    Use Remove the TRV head from the valve (no tools required)
    Screw the black cover cap onto the valve body
    Insert the M8 screw and wind down finger tight only
    Feature(s) Simple to use
    No tools are required for this