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Evolve 22mm Central Heating Automatic Bypass Valve

Evolve 22mm Central Heating Automatic Bypass Valve


An automatic bypass valve should be fitted to all central heating systems and will help eliminate radiator hammer from noisy radiator valves, caused by excessive water velocity. This makes the heating system more efficient as well as removing irritating system noises. Radiator valve hammer can occur on all types of thermostatic radiator valves, but should never occur with a manual radiator valve.

  • Height (mm) 104.0
    Width (mm) 51.0
    Depth (mm) 32.5
    Material Brass
    Finish Polished Nickel
    Boxed Weight 0.260 kg
    Unboxed Weight 0.240 kg
    Warranty 2 year manufacturer's
    Style Automatic bypass valve
    Capacity (m³) 1 - 5
    Operating Pressure 0.1 - 10 Bar
    Maximum Working Temperature (°C) 100
    Inlet(s) 22mm compression
    Outlet(s) 22mm compression
    Pressure Differential (Bar) 0.1 - 0.5
    Fixed Position Required setting can be locked in by tightening the screws in the cap once you have the desired setting