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Fernox TF1 Total Magnetic Filter - 22mm

Fernox TF1 Total Magnetic Filter - 22mm


The Fernox TF1 Total Filter TF1 is a magnetic central heating water Fernox TF1 filter designed by Fernox to magnetically remove iron oxide contamination from your central heating system. Fernox TF1 Total Filter is a in-line filter, which combones hydrocyclonic action with specially designed magnet assemblies, to remove and contain both magnetic and non-magnetic contaminants within closed loop heating systems.

This fantastic filter systems provides a slew of useful functions in one piece of kit.

  • Height (mm) 300.0
    Width (mm) 150.0
    Depth (mm) 120.0
    Material Brass and plastic
    Finish Black
    Boxed Weight 1.915 kg
    Unboxed Weight 1.601 kg
    Warranty 2 year manufacturer's
    Function Combines hydrocyclonic and magnetic in-line filter that allows you to remove both magnetic and non-magnetic contaminants at once
    • Allows for easy dosing of Fernox F range treatments
    • Clean out filter in seconds, without having to remove or dissemble
    • Fits both horizontal and vertical pipe-work. All required fittings included