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Arroll UK28 Thermostatic Traditional Cast Iron Radiator Valve in Chrome

The Arundel Angled Thermostatic Valve Set UK28 | Chrome | Arroll


Thermostatic Valve set with traditional Wooden Wheel design. 15mm fitting. 5 year guarantee. CE tested for European Conformity. Full range of match accessories and corner valves 

  • 6 finishes available to compliment our wall stays and pipe sleeves for the perfect look. 

    Valve Connections

    • Valve to Radiator - 1/2" BSPT
    • Valve to Pipe - 15mm Compression

    Heating System Conection

    • Recommended that Thermostatic radiator valve is connected to the flow
    • Lock Shield valve is connected to the return

    Pressure Drop Valve = 1.6

    Kvs value is the metric measure for the flow of a fully opened valve.  It is defined as: he volume flow in cubic metres per hour of water at a temperature of between 5° and 40° celsius witha pressure drop across the valve of 1 bar.