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Mr Parente told us: “I have spoken to the Gambling Commission on numerous occasions, not for myself but for victims, and there is no support, no feedback and no help. If operators fail and get fined, they will fail again and get fined again. There has to be an element of accountability for their actions.”

Alex Macey, one of our witnesses with lived experience, felt that the Gambling Commission “is not interested in assisting.” “If you complain to the Gambling Commission, you think there will be some accountability—but there is not, so you complain to an operator and there is rarely accountability from them. So where do you turn if you have no money and you cannot afford a solicitor to go to court? You have nowhere to turn.” This is one of the commonest complaints we have heard; we attempt to deal with it in the following chapter

A further criticism, from Gambling with Lives, was that the Gambling Commission did not see it as part of its job to warn the public about the dangers of gambling. “The Gambling Commission did [accept that gambling is dangerous], but it did not see it as part of its job to warn people; that was the job of the charities.

The Gambling Commission said that its job is to identify a particular risk from a particular product or a particular level or style of gambling, but then it thinks that all it needs to do is talk to the operators.