Arroll Finishes

Arroll's wide range of custom finishes means you can have your cast iron radiator looking just how you want it. Whether it's a painted, aged or polished finish you're after, Arroll have you covered.


Their experienced team of finishers and strict quality control procedures ensure your cast iron radiator looks stunning. Each section is hand picked and inspected, each one starting life with a black primer. Now this isn't a "finish" and we wouldn't expect the radiator to be installed like this. Touch up paint can be supplied as unfortunately scratches can occur during installation or sometime in the radiators life. Each finish has a different cost as explained on this page. Give us a call if you're after a unique finish not on this page.

Lead times on Radiators may vary due to COVID.

Please call for an up-to-date lead time.

Painted Finishes

Arroll can paint your radiator in just about any way you want. The most common way is using one of their Signature Colours as shown below. These are the most popular colours that work in just about any space. Gloss is the standard finish but Satin is available on request. Lead times for Painting is between 10 and 15 working days before shipping.


If you're after something a bit more unique, at no extra cost, you can pick colours from the RAL Colour Standard which is the most common classification for painting in architecture and industry. Each colour has a RAL number and name. We can also provide genuine Farrow & Ball paint or colour match to Little Greene. Colour matching will be as sympathetic to the original as possible. The standard finish these will be provided in is Eggshell.

Aged Finishes

The radiator is assembled and pressure tested and then painted the base colour. Once dry is it over-painted the next colour.  While wet, 2 coats of paint are removed in specific areas to create a stunning two tone look. This is particularly effective on ornate radiators to empahsize the pattern. Lead times are 14-21 working days.

£15 per Section

Highlighted Finishes

Especially popular on patterned cast iron radiators like the Daisy or Art Nouveau. This finish is achieved by assembling and painting the radiator first and then moving to the grinding and fettling department to highlight the pattern leaving the rest of the radiator black. Allow 14 to 21 days from order confirmation before shipping.

£15 per Section

Polished Finishes

Full Polish: £25 per Section

'Full Polish' is achieved by firstly Sandblasting to create a smooth clear surface. The Polisher take over and use their experience to hand polish on lathes using high grit to low grit polishing until required finish is achieved. The radiator is then assembled and a gloss lacquer is applied then the radiator goes through the normal drying and testing stages. Lead times on Polished radiators from confirmation is normally between 21 and 28 working days before shipping. You can call us first for a more accurate delivery time for a specific model. 

Rustic Polish: £25 per Section

This is an extremely popular finish and gives a more aged look. Instead of Sandblasting the finishers use grinding and fettling to create the aged look. Then it's polished, assembled, lacquered, dried and fully tested. Allow 21 to 28 working days after confirmation before shipping, again contact us if you need more accurate dates. Also called 'Hand Burnished'.