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Fancy completing the look of your new radiator? Or maybe you just want to give the one you already own a makeover. 


Well, don't worry because we've got everything you need to enhance the look of your radiator on this page. Wall Stays, Airvents, Pipe Shrouds, and End Caps will surely get your radiator looking hot to trot. We also supply any adapters or extensions that you may need to connect to your existing heating systems.

Radiator Accessories

Radiator Packs

  • Everything you need to finish off your new radiator in one place.

  • Available in up to 9 different finishes and many styles.

  • Thermostatic and Manual options.

  • Free luxury bleed valve and bleed key with every full pack.

Radiator Pack Cover.jpg

Radiator Valves

  • Available in up to 13 different finishes.

  • Angled, Corner and Straight fittings.

  • Thermostatic and Manual valves.

Wall Stays.jpg

Wall Stays & Brackets

  • Available in up to 13 different finishes.

  • Luxury and standard options available for any style.

  • Cut to length.

Bleed Valves.jpg

Bleed Valves / Airvents

  • Available in up to 8 different finishes.

  • Luxury and standard options available

Pipe Covers.jpg

Pipe Shrouds

  • Available in up to 13 different finishes.

  • Available from 130mm to 300mm in length.

  • Cut to length.

heating elements.jpg

Electric Heating Element

  • Available in Digital or Manual.

  • From 300w to 2000w in power.


Adapters & Spare Parts

  • Valves extensions, adapters and more.

  • Plain and decorative end caps.

Cast iron Foot.jpg

Radiator Feet

  • Available for cast iron or steel

  • Different styles are available in different finishes


Radiator Tool

  • To assemble, connect, maintain and repair cast iron radiators

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