Cast Iron Radiator Finishes

At Foundry Cast Iron we understand that, as customers, we all get a picture in our heads of what our dream radiator or bath looks like. We aim to offer a wide range of finishes to ensure you're 100% happy with how your radiator or bath looks. Each brand offer slight variations of their finishes. For brand specific information please see the relevant pages for each brand. See below for more general information about our most popular finishes.

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Cast Iron Radiator in primer


Each section starts life with a coat of primer, but this is not a guaranteed"finish" as the radiator will not be sealed. We strongly recommend that the painting is done by the manufacturer as they use suitable radiator paint that won't be effected by the heat.


If customers choose to paint their radiators themselves, please seek advice from a paint professional as this may effect the manufacturer warranty. 

Edwardian 660_4 .Siena.jpg


Each sections is painted in a 2 pack paint. The most common way is using colours from the RAL Colour Standard which is the most common classification for painting in architecture and industry. Each colour has a RAL number and name. 


We can also colour match to designers colours like Farrow & Ball and Little Greene.



The aged finishes are achieved by firstly painting the base colour. Once this has dried is it over-painted with the next colour. While wet, the top coat of paint is removed in specific areas to create a stunning two tone look.


This is particularly effective on ornate radiators to emphasise the patterns.



Each manufacturer does polish a bit differently. But put simply is it coating the sections in a lacquered or oiled polish to seal the radiator. This shows the best of raw cast iron.

All manufactuers have different styles of polish ranging from the more rustic look all the way to a mirror-like finish.

Check out each brands finish page for more information on their cast iron radiator polished finishes.

Brand Finishes

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