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Would you like more help finding the perfect radiators for your space? Request a design sheet below and one of our experts will start you on your heating journey!

Online Design Service

Service Description

Live outside our catchment area? Prefer to work on a project from the comfort of your own home? Have a larger project? Not a problem! With our Online Design Service, you can still enjoy the benefits no matter where you are.

What information do we need to start?


  • Room Dimensions (Length, Width and Height)

  • Restrictions (Window sill height, Existing pipes etc.)

  • Room Information (Double Glazing, North Facing, Level of Insulation) 

  • Preferred style of radiator

This information can be easily sent to us using our design sheet


Using this information, we'll send you a personalised project sheet outlining the approximate heat outputs and dimensions of each radiator. This is a good starting point for everyone to see where changes may be required and allows us to make simple adjustments before finding the perfect specification for your space.

If you don't want to fill out our Project Document we can do it for you! Just send us your room sizes, pictures, measurements, restrictions and plans (or anything else you think might help) to:

Once complete, email it back to

We will provide a design sheet free of charge to estimate the size of prospective radiators for your space

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