Steel & Aluminium Radiators

We stock a growing range of steel and aluminium radiators at Foundry Cast Iron to ensure you get the best radiator for your space. Whether you're after traditionally styled steel column radiators or modern styled steel panel radiators, you're sure to find what you want here. Our range allows you to choose the correct radiator for your budget, style, and timescale. With models available for express delivery, custom finishing and made to order sizes, you're sure to be able to find the perfect steel column radiator. Browse our range below and contact us if you need any assistance.

Prices start from as low as £50

FREE delivery on Steel Radiators!

Steel Column Radiators

Fitzrovia Steel Radiators

  • Made in Italy.

  • Delivered in 2-3 days (White & Anthracite)

  • 5 year manufacturers warranty.

  • Available in set lengths at 500mm, 600mm & 1800mm tall, with 2-4 columns.

  • Available in White, Anthracite & Coloured finishes.

Enderby Steel Radiators

  • Supplied in any F&B colour at no extra cost.

  • Comes with Chrome Bleed Valve.

  • Delivered in 2 weeks.

  • 5 year manufacturers warranty.

  • Available in set lengths at 710mm & 1910mm tall.

  • Available in 2-4 column models.

Multisec Steel Radiators

  • Made in Italy.

  • Delivered in 3-5 days (Anthracite, Raw & White)

  • Supplied with wall brackets.

  • 5 year manufacturers warranty.

  • Available up to 30 sections long in 500mm, 600mm & 1800mm tall, with 2-4 Columns.

  • Available in White, Raw & Anthracite.

Multisec Bespoke Steel Radiators

  • Available in 2-6 Column models, up to 50 Sections long and 2.5m tall.

  • Available in a full range of colours and textured finishes.

  • Delivered in 3-4 weeks.

  • 5 year manufacturers warranty.

  • Wall-mounted and floor standing models available.

Multisec Bench Radiators

  • Made in Italy.

  • Delivered in 3-4 weeks.

  • 10-year manufacturers warranty.

  • Available in 8 different sizes.

  • Available in White and a wide range of colours for an extra charge.

Steel & Aluminium Designer Radiators

  • Made in Italy & Germany

  • Delivered in 2-3 days (Stocked Colours)

  • Special coloured finishes available. (4-week delivery)

  • 5-year manufacturers warranty.

  • Available in a wide range of widths and heights.