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Towel Rail Accessories

We stock a growing range of towel rail accessories including thermostatic and manual valves and heating elements. These perfectly complement our wide range of towel rails. 


Electric elements convert any standard towel rail into a mains powered, electrically heated towel rail instead of a central heating fed rail. They can also be "Dual Fuel" which means they can be heated using your central heating or the electric element. Learn more here. The standard electric element is designed to warm up to an optimum temperature of 60°C to 65°C. The heat output then tapers off and it will automatically maintain this temperature. It is important to use the right-sized element; otherwise, you may under or over-heat your rail. The thermostatic electric element is a variable heating element. You simply set the desired temperature for your towel rail using the buttons and the heating elements will warm to that temperature. They also have an antifreeze function that will prevent the liquid in the rail freezing if the temperature drops below 5 - 7°C.

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