Radiator & Bath Accessories | West Sussex, UK | Foudry Cast Iron

Radiator Accessories

 Fancy completing the look of your new radiator? Or maybe you just want to give the one you already own a makeover. 


Well don't worry because we've got everything you need to enhance the look of your radiator on this page. Wall Stays, Airvents, Pipe Shrouds and End Caps will surely get your radiator looking hot to trot. We also supply any adapters or extensions that you may need to connect to your existing heating systems. 

Wall Stays.jpg
Pipe Covers.jpg
Bleed Valves.jpg
Telescopic Radiator Valve extensions, Micro-bore reducers and adapters for cast iron radiators from Foundry Cast Iron
arroll end caps for cast iron radiators
Range of Black Nickel Accessories for Cast Iron Radiators from Foundry Cast Iron

Bath Accessories

Our range of beautiful cast iron baths will be coming very soon. All available in bespoke finishes just like our cast iron radiators. Your look can be completed with our range of shower curtain rails designed especially for cast iron baths or make a statement with our range of taps and showers.

Bath and Basin Taps for Cast Iron Baths from Foundry Cast Iron
Shower Mixer Taps for Cast Iron Baths from Foundry Cast Iron
Arroll Bath Waste Kits & Arroll Bath Pipe Shrouds
Shower Curtain rails for Cast Iron Baths from Foundry Cast Iron