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Heated Towel Rails

Towel Rails & Radiators

We offer an extensive range of Towel Rails that will add a touch of elegance to your bathroom. Our Towel Rails are available in various styles and sizes to suit your needs. Additionally, we provide our customers the flexibility to customise their Towel Rails, allowing them to create a unique look that reflects their style.

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Bespoke Towel Rail Design

We provide a bespoke service to help you match an existing design scheme. If you have bespoke requests, please contact us for more information or apply directly for a quote from a product page.

Vogue UK Towel Rails

Vogue UK
Towel Warmers & Radiators

Established in 1990 in the heart of the West Midlands, Vogue UK is a leading company in the design of towel warmers and radiators.

  • Do you have a showroom?
    We do! We have a new showroom based in 68 High Street, Steyning, West Sussex, BN44 3RD, displaying a great range of radaitors and baths. We do also attend various trade shows and are starting to offer a home selection service. Our home selection service involves us loading our van with a range of radiator samples in different finishes. This gives you a clearer idea of what your new radiators could look like. This is a service offered to customers within a 50-mile radius of our registered address.
  • Do your Cast Iron Radiators have warranties?
    Paladin Cast Iron Radiators & Arroll Cast Iron Radiators & are all CE accredited & come with a 10 year guarantee. Carron Cast Iron Radiators & towel rails are offered with a lifetime guarantee! See our terms for more information.
  • What is the best way to get in touch?
    We are happy to communicate over email or better still, you can always phone us. If we don't have the answer immediately we will always know someone who will and get back to you ASAP. We are also available to visit in our showroom in Steyning 9-5.30 Monday - Saturday and 10-4 Sunday. The Kettle's always on...
  • What is a BTU/Watt & how do I calculate how many I require for my room?
    BTU stands for British Thermal Unit and that’s the standard way to work out how much heat output is needed to heat a space or room. Some like to use the SI derived unit for power instead the ‘watt’. 1 watt equals 3.41 BTU per hour. 1 BTU equals 1055 joules and that’s the energy needed to heat 1lb of water by 1°F. You can use our BTU calculator to work out the BTU output of your room.
  • How do I work out what size of radiator I need for my room?
    You can use our BTU calculator to work out the BTU output of your room. It considers what room it is for. For example, a Living Room would be warmer than a Bedroom. It also factors in heat loss from your windows. All you need to know is the room dimensions and what radiator you like, and it will tell you how many sections you require.
  • How does the efficiency of cast iron radiators compare to panel radiators?
    Our radiators are custom built to reach the desired heat output, so it can be built to match the heat output of a panel radiator. The main difference will be in the size of radiator required to reach this heat output. Most of our cast iron radiators will achieve this without having to be longer than a panel radiator, but narrower models may need a few extra sections. However, it does take longer for cast iron radiators to lose their heat as cast iron is so dense.
  • What colour can I have my cast iron radiator painted?
    You can have your cast iron radiator painted in just about any way you like. The most popular way is using colours from the RAL Colour Standard which is the most common classification for painting in architecture and industry. Each colour has a RAL number and name. We can also colour match to designers’ colours like Farrow & Ball and Little Greene. Visit our Finishes page for more information.
  • Can I paint my radiators myself or have someone else paint them?
    The short answer is Yes. However, we strongly recommend that the painting is done by the manufacturer as they use suitable radiator paint that won't be affected by the heat. If you choose to paint their radiators themselves, please seek advice from a paint professional as this may affect the manufacturer warranty.
  • How do I maintain the Polished finish?
    A lacquered finish only requires a wipe with a soft cloth to remove any dust. If it’s an oiled finish, we recommend wiping your polished radiator over with a lint free cloth lightly sprayed with WD-40 every 8-10 weeks depending on local conditions.
  • Can I use my current pipe work?
    Yes, our cast iron radiators can be custom built to fit as close as possible to your pipes, but it will always require your plumber to make the final adjustments. The final pipe work connection to the radiator is in 15mm copper however we also offer 22mm valves and ½ or ¾” bsp connections for steel pipe work on some of our ranges.
  • Can I have my pipe work in place ahead of receiving my cast iron radiators?
    We recommend waiting until you have received your cast iron radiators to set your pipes. Due to the hand-built nature of our radiators, dimensions provided are approximate however arrangements can be made to get your cast iron radiator to fit your existing pipe work as well as possible.
  • What does part assembly mean?
    Our cast iron radiators are delivered on pallets with a maximum length of these is 1.2m. If a radiator exceeds this length, it must be delivered part assembled. This can then be assembled on-site using an assembly tool that will be refunded upon return. Assembly guide soon to come.
  • What Accessories do I need for my Radiator?
    We stock a huge range of accessories in lots of finishes. Simply put, you need wall stays and a bleed valve but other extras can be added to jazz up your radiator. To learn a bit more of about everything you need for your cast iron radiator, check out our blog.
  • What's the difference between a Manual & Thermostatic Valve?
    A manual valve has to be manually adjusted to change the temperature. A thermostatic valve is set to a desired temperature and will maintain that heat output once it has been reached. More Info ->
  • Do I need an Angled, Straight or Corner valve?"
    Valve fitting depends on how your pipe are set up. ​ Angled: Pipes coming up from floor. Corner: Pipe coming out of wall. Straight: Pipes running along wall. More Info ->
  • What are Pipe Shrouds used for?
    Pipe shrouds/covers are used to cover up the pipe work going into the valve. They have to be cut to size depending on how much pipe you are covering. They come in two lengths, 110mm and 300mm. More Info ->
  • What does a Bleed Valve/Air Vent do?
    Bleed valves (or air vents) are used to bleed any excess air from the cast iron radiator which might have been taken in during installation.
  • Why do I need Wall Stays?
    Wall stays are used to secure your radiator to the wall. As cast iron radiators are so heavy, accidentally leaning on it can cause it to fall and cause serious damage. We recommend using 1 wall stay for every 10 sections of radiator.
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