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Parisian 2 Column cast iron radiator | Arroll

Parisian 2 Column Cast Iron Radiator | Arroll

The Arroll Parisian 2 Column Cast Iron Radiators design, contains the same decorative scroll pattern with the same unmistakable glamour as the Montmartre and Rococo designs and offers additional height and depth choices for every space. This radiator looks extra stunning in some of our special or polished finishes.


Delivered fully assembled up to 15 sections - see 'Longer Lengths' section below.



Radiator Sizes and Output (Per Section)


Single Section Height  510mm  657mm  762mm  
Single Section Width  80mm76mm80mm
Single Section Depth210mm205mm210mm
BTU ∆T 50˚C     266    341    392
Watts ∆T 50˚C     78    100    115

Other Heat Outputs


 510mm  657mm  762mm  
BTU ∆T 60˚C                      336    431    495