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5 Benefits of Cast Iron Radiators

Updated: Jan 3

Cast Iron Radiators have become very popular again in recent years. With the general growth in house renovation and restoration, they have become very ‘on trend’ due to their classic vintage look and design.

Cast iron, steel and aluminium radiators all have their pros and cons and in the end, it comes down to personal choice and which heating solution fits best in any particular home. So let's look at the benefits of cast iron radiators and why they may be the right choice for you.

Benefits of Cast Iron Radiators

Durable, Reliable and Flexible

Cast iron radiators can literally last a lifetime. Made from heavy and dense cast iron with a simple construction they are extremely strong, durable and reliable. All of our cast iron radiators come with a 10-year or lifetime guarantee. As each radiator is made up of single column sections it means they are very flexible when it comes to choosing an exact width. Most models are usually available in 3 or 4 heights and the width can be worked out by the amount of column sections making them a great choice for small or very large spaces. For example, our Castrads Grace 4 Column 660mm high Cast Iron Radiator has the following widths - 4 Sections (271mm), 5 Sections (331mm), and 6 Sections (391mm) right up to 20 sections or longer.

Excellent Heat Retention

In comparison to steel and aluminium, cast iron radiators retain heat for a much longer period of time. That means when the boiler or thermostat turns off, your radiators will continue to radiate heat and keep your home warm. The downside to this is it takes longer to heat up cast iron than other radiator materials but this can be solved by careful planning using a programmable thermostat. Also, because of cast iron's high conductivity and heat retention, the boiler does not have to work so hard as the water temperature returning to the boiler remains much hotter.

Consistent, Energy Efficient Heat

Due to the density and carbon content of cast iron radiators, they are very efficient at providing constant heat. Although they take longer to warm a room, once up and running they provide a highly efficient and steady heat that warms a house gently and comfortably throughout. Steel and aluminium radiators can heat very aggressively resulting in room hotspots and the need to regularly adjust the temperature.

Character Design and Style

There’s no getting away from it. Classic cast iron radiators just look great and can add wonderful character and value to your home. If you own a period or character property then nothing looks better than a carefully chosen cast iron radiator. With a huge choice of models available from basic Edwardian 4-column radiator to elaborate and embellished Rocco radiator designs, it’s easy to find a radiator that fits into your home. More contemporary homes can also be enhanced with cast iron radiators as there are now hundreds of different radiator finishes and colours to choose from including paint colours from Farrow & Ball or Little Greene.

What are the Benefits of Cast Iron Radiators

Multiple Heat Source

Because of cast iron's high conductivity and heat retention qualities, it works extremely well with a variety of heat sources. Traditionally used with conventional gas hot water boiler systems it has also been shown to work very efficiently with modern renewable ‘Green’ heating systems, including ground, air and solar sources. Cast iron radiators can also be adapted very easily to electric heating by using a thermostatically controlled electric heating element. This highly efficient heating solution is ideal when plumbing is difficult, perhaps in a utility room or outhouse.

At Foundry Cast Iron, we aim to make finding the perfect cast iron radiator simple by cutting through the jargon, making it easy to find a radiator that is functional as well as stunning. We’re here to help so if you have any questions about cast iron radiators or need help choosing the right radiator for your home please contact us.

We also provide a free Home Design Consultation Service within a 50-mile radius of our showroom. One of our team will visit you to offer advice on radiator styles, sizing, and placement. We'll also bring some samples along to give you an idea of the different designs and colours available. Click here to make a booking or just give us a call on 01903 366440

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