Cast Iron Radiators - Still Unbeatable Value

Can you name a traditional product that matches its modern counterparts in efficiency and usability? Phones go old, clothing goes out of fashion, and so on. But, there are items that look more classy with age and do their job.

Of course, we are talking about cast iron radiators - radiators that have existed for centuries now. And, the reason is simple.

Why Cast Iron Radiators

Because most of the radiating material used in cast iron radiators is metallic, a great amount of the energy applied to the system is converted to heat and dissipated. They simply do what you require them to do. Some may argue that cast iron radiators take longer to heat up. But, they take longer to cool down too. In reality, it all comes down to the right sizing for your needs.

Most cast iron radiators have a larger volume than a flat panel modern alternative, but with a localised temperature control, you have the ability to use the resources more efficiently. We will suggest giving a thought to your insulation settings and being vigilant about the misuse of heating when there is simply no need. For example, putting off heating in rooms that are not occupied at a certain time, as a cost saving measure. As a result of their longevity and effectiveness, cast iron radiators, with their weathered look, are preferred by larger structures. Simply, this is because cast iron radiators can produce a much higher temperature than any other option on the market in a living environment.

Health and Safety

Interestingly, even though cast iron radiators have been around for centuries, they have been upgraded over time to be health and safety standards compliant. To conform with modern health and safety guidelines, most cast iron radiators are now complete with a convection fan which will extract any harmful particles from the system and recycle them back out into the air evenly. Bottom line, if you are looking to reduce your bills while gaining an antique finish, cast iron radiators are your best option. But, you still have the challenge of finding the right cast iron radiator for your needs.

Our Cast Iron Radiators

At Foundry Cast Iron, we aim to make finding the perfect cast iron radiator simple by cutting through the jargon, making it easy to find a radiator that is functional as well as stunning.

What more, our Paladin Cast Iron Radiators & Arroll Cast Iron Radiators are all CE accredited and come with a 10 year guarantee. Furthermore, our Carron Cast Iron Radiators and towel rails are offered with a lifetime guarantee. To find out more, get in touch today.

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