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Day and Night | Customer Showcase

Here at Foundry Cast Iron, we love helping our customer's dreams come to fruition and seeing how you can make our products come to life. It is great to see just how creative you are with your cast iron radiators and cast iron baths, blending them seamlessly into your house's aesthetic or making them stand out to really grab people's eye. No matter how you choose to display them, we know they are always a feature in your space.

From time to time we receive some great photos from our customers of their products fully installed and ready for action, so we think it's only right we share them with everyone. This can be used as inspiration for your next project, getting ideas of different colour combinations, or just a bit of eye candy whilst you wait for your product to be delivered! So without further ado let's get into the first Customer Showcase; Day and Night.

Here we see a perfect example of how light and dark colours can work great together. The dark painted finish of Paladin's The Victoriana 4 Column 460 really contrasts the Antique Brass & Old English Brass Accessories making the brass colour pop, accentuating the deep dark Anthracite paint.

Links to all of the products seen in these photos are listed below

The Antique brass Valves, Wall stays and Pipe Shrouds also blend in nicely with the warmth of the space, really emphasising the cosy, homely feel of the room. Overall I think we can all agree that this customer has done a great job with his Cast Iron Radiator by choosing a classy combination that would look stunning in most spaces.

We love seeing what you create with our products, so if you have any pictures please send them in to our email so we can share with others how great they look! For more renovation inspiration head over to our instagram and see some of our other great snaps.

Cast Iron Radiator:

The Victoriana 4 Column 460 in Painted Anthracite colour by Paladin


Arundel UK28 TRV Valve Set Old English Brass by Arroll



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