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How to Lift a Cast Iron Radiator

Updated: Nov 10, 2023

Our Cast Iron Radiators are carefully built, finished, and tested to your specification. They look amazing but please be aware of their weight. We want your delivery and installation to go as smoothly as possible, so we've got some advice about how to properly carry a cast iron radiator after delivery.

Cast iron radiators are usually delivered on pallets, in a single crewed lorry about the size of a fire engine. This is often a kerbside delivery, meaning they will place the pallet as close to your property as possible.

Cast Iron Radiators are very heavy and can't be moved by one person so we advise organizing some manpower to help you get it into the property (25kg maximum lift per person as a guide).

Cast Iron Radiator Handling Guide

  1. Unwrap your cast iron radiator and lift it into a vertical position, resting on its feet. Ensure you are lifting it from the centre of the radiator and not at one end as this could damage the joins and seals.

  2. Lift the radiator, maintaining the vertical position throughout. Do not attempt to lift the radiator in a stretcher-like fashion as the weight can damage the gasket seals. Mishandling your radiators can lead to faults and potential leaks.

  3. We recommend inserting strong pieces of wood between the sections to aid carrying and taking breaks if you are carrying a long distance or over uneven surfaces. (You may need to wrap the wood in tea towels to avoid affecting the paint finish)

  4. All radiators are supplied with touch-up paint as minor transit marks are likely during delivery and installation.

In summary, Cast Iron is very heavy and should not be lifted by one person. Mishandling your cast iron radiators can affect the alignment of the radiators and lead to stressing/failure of the seals.


  • Organise people to help you lift your cast iron radiator into your home.

  • Carry your radiator so that it is evenly supported and in an upright position at all times.

  • Utilize strong pieces of wood as handles.

  • Take breaks if carrying the radiator a long distance or on uneven ground. (Gravel, hills, stairs, etc.)


  • Lift your cast iron radiator from one end.

  • Carry your radiator flat in a stretcher style.

  • Drag your radiator across the ground.

  • Attempt to lift your radiator by yourself.



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