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Radiator Valve Guide: What are Radiator Pipe Shrouds?

Updated: Jun 10, 2023

Now you understand what type of radiator valve and what type of fitting you need, it's time to talk about radiator pipe covers. Pipe Shrouds are used to neatly cover up the unsightly copper pipe, with an attractive finish to match your valves.

At Foundry Cast Iron we supply radiators that look great, but sometimes the aesthetic can be hindered by the standard copper piping that is used in most central heating systems in the UK.

Radiator Pipe shrouds, also known as pipe covers or pipe sleeves, are used to solve this issue. They nicely complete the look of the radiator when matched to the same finishes used for the radiator valves, wall stays and bleed valve. Not only do they look great but they also help to protect the pipework from accidental damage.

The shrouds we supply are made of brass. We supply two lengths of pipe shroud: 130mm and 300mm both including the pipe collars. They can be cut down to your required length to fit over 15mm, 10mm & 8mm pipework.

Pewter radiator pipe sleeve, pipe cover and pipe collar

How to Cut Radiator Pipe Covers:

1. Using a ruler, measure how long the pipe you are covering is.

2. Measure the pipe cover to the same length.

3. Using masking tape, mark the length onto the pipe shroud.

4. Cut the pipe using a standard pipe cutter at the marked length.

5. Place the collar and shroud over the pipe and secure your valve.

How to cut radiator pipe shrouds

With Shrouds:

With radiator shrouds

Without Shrouds:

without radiator shrouds



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