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Art Nouveau Cast Iron Radiator | Arroll

Art Nouveau Cast Iron Radiator | Arroll

Styled in The Art Nouveau period of 1890–1910, this Arroll Art Nouveau Cast Iron radiator has an intricate scrolling pattern that adds a touch of grandeur to a classic radiator design. One of the slimmest radiators in our collection, it is perfect for smaller spaces although still provides a high heat output.   


Delivered fully assembled up to 16 sections - see 'Longer Lengths' section below.



Radiator Sizes and Output (Per Section)


Single Section Height  754mm  
Single Section Width72mm
Single Section Depth145mm
BTU ∆T 50˚C    385
Watts ∆T 50˚C    113


Other Heat Outputs


BTU ∆T 60˚C                     489
Watts ∆T 60˚C    144
BTU ∆T 30˚C    207
Watts ∆T 30˚C     61


DELTA ∆T 30˚C Best Used for Ground & Air Source Heat Pumps


*The measurements of the radiator stated should only be used as a guide as every radiator is bespoke and hand-built to your specifications. There will be tolerances for seal compression and milled faces so please don't use these exact measurements to fix pipes. Please call us for more information or to discuss your project.