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Amberley 1 Column Vertical Cast Iron Radiator | Carron

Amberley 1 Column Vertical Cast Iron Radiator | Carron

This radiator can be supplied in any length required. They are fully tested before shipping but will require some simple assembly on site. Each section is approximately 68mm wide.


The radiator does not come with wall brackets & will need sturdy ones that can take the weight.  We can supply 63mm  Atlas Brackets that can support a maximum of 100kg per pair & we recommend a minimum of 2 pairs per radiator.  


Radiator Sizes and Output (Per Section)


Single Section Height  1076mm  1476mm    
Weight (kg) filled7.6210.21  
 Single Section Width68mm68mm  
Single Section Depth73mm73mm  
BTU ∆T 50˚C     279     390     
Watts ∆T 50˚C      82     114      


Other Heat Outputs


 1076mm  1476mm    
BTU ∆T 60˚C                       352     491     
Watts ∆T 60˚C     103     144      
BTU ∆T 30˚C     149     208      
Watts ∆T 30˚C      43       61       


DELTA ∆T 30˚C Best Used for Ground & Air Source Heat Pumps




  • The sections can be painted using one of the RAL Classic colours, or in one of Carrons' Popular finishes, to give a modern or contemporary look. Please visit our Finishes section for more ideas.