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White Pipe Shrouds by West

White Radiator Pipe Shrouds | West

Our Radiator Pipe Covers are made out of solid brass and then finished. They are not plastic and therefore do not clip on to the pipes. They should be fitted at the same time as the valves.


At Foundry Cast Iron we supply radiators that look great, but sometimes the aesthetic can be hindered by the standard copper piping. Radiator Pipe shrouds, also known as pipe covers or pipe sleeves, are used to solve this issue. They nicely complete the look of the radiator when matched to the same finishes used for the radiator valves. 


We supply two lengths of radiator pipe shroud: 130mm and 300mm both including the pipe collars to cover the holes created by the pipes. They can be cut down to your required length to fit over 15mm, 10mm & 8mm pipework. Click here to learn more about pipe shrouds and how they are cut 

  • Height (mm)


    Width (mm)


    Depth (mm)




    Boxed Weight

    0.200 kg

    Unboxed Weight

    0.150 kg


    12-year manufacturer's

    Floor plate diameter (mm)


    Pipe diameter

    18mm (to fit over 15mm / 10mm / 8 mm pipework)


    Can be cut down to the required length


    Ensures uniform finish with radiator installations